Ok people, are you tired of all the
predictions that just never seem to come to pass?

Well, I have have developed a method for ACTUALLY determining when this will occur, and it can not be disproved, ever. So don't even try, you will fail.

The End

Of The



You Now Have Only

To Live.
Please take all necessary steps to ensure my financial success.



If you are a true believer, then send your donations to me. You can eMail your donations here.

I won't waste your money on useless billboards or TV commercials warning everyone about their coming doom.

I will use you money for much wiser things, like to pay off my mortgage and credit card debt. Maybe buy a nice piece of land in Montana. I'd also like to buy a fuel efficient car to get to work, maybe a Chevy Cruze.

Then of course I'd need a 2010 Harley Davidson Softail Custom to get to work on the hot summer days after the world ends. There will be a lot of cleanup to do and with all the abandoned cars on the highway, the motorcycle would make it easier to navigate the obstacles on the roads..