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What's New:

09/22/14 - New Obit added. Richard W. Whaley.

04/27/14 - It's a NEW DAY, that's all. Isn't that enough?

07/12/13 - New Photo Gallery 25 added.

12/19/12 - New Photo's in Gallery 23 and 24. All of 24 is from one person, whom I've forgotten, the last photo is just a list of what all the 15 other photo's are. Will the person whom submitted them, send me an email so I can get your name in there. Sorry. I find old emails that I've forgotten about, alot lately. :)

11/07/12 - 2013 Reunion Registration Form: DOWNLOAD

09/30/12 - MORE 2011 Reunion Photos: uploaded. Click HERE. Once again, my bad. I missed half the photos Rochelle sent me, just looking through old emails and found the pics from the "Friday Night Mixer". Sorry again. Enjoy the year old photos.

 03/04/12 - Video link from a great nephew of a Norton Sound shipmate, "Spuds" Shiring, from WWII days, telling his stories. Thank you to Mike Bigenwald. LINK

10/19/11 - 2011 Reunion Photos: uploaded. Click HERE.

07/25/11 - New USS Norton Sound AVM1 Decommissioning Video DVD. Download removed. Special Thanks to Steve Hollander for sending it in.

05/25/2011 - I've decided to join the long list of Losers and make my own prediction to the END OF THE WORLD. Click HERE to learn how long you have left.

05/21/2011 6:21 PM - It's official, Harold Camping is a complete IDIOT and all who follow or believe in him. One more Loser in a long line of LOSER's whom dare to predict the End of the World..

I still need pictures of the Commanding Officers - If you have a photo of any of the CO's please send them in. Check the "Captains" page, if I don't have a link for the CO then I need a photo, Thanks for your help.

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